Questions and answers to our epoxy from customers:


Question 1:


I look at your cast epoxy and I wonder; how glossy will the surface of the epoxy be? I understand that not all epoxy will be fine without sanding or a layer with some extra glossy thin surface epoxy on top. The epoxy I use now is a very common cast epoxy and it does not need any surface treatment, but it is more expensive than what you have.

I also wonder if, for example, I cast a cube in several layers, will I be able to see the break between the layers when you angle the cube and look from the side? Another epoxy seller says their epoxy does not provide visible layers, but it sounds a little too good to be true.

Answer 1:

The epoxy is as clear as an epoxy can become, like water. And as long as you have the same amount of color in each layer it does not appear that you make different layers.


Question 2:

Would the epoxy manage without showing a visible line (multiple layers)?

Answer 2:

Hey! No, there will be no visible line as long as you have the same amount of pigment. If you have no pigment, there is no line at all.


Question 3:

How does this epoxy stand against heat, water or similar? The lacquer I used before melted, so hot plates got stuck and there would be marks.

Answer 3:

It can withstand as much water as possible, heat about 80 degrees without any marks.


Question 4:

I am going to make a knife shaft from a mix between epoxy and wood. (Wood, epoxy, wood, epoxy) Will it hold?

Answer 4:

Yes, it will last.


Question 5:

Hi. Have bought drops for coloring to my clear epoxy. Want a high density of color. Are there any recommendations on how many drops / units to mix? The instructions on the bottle do not say that much about it.

Answer 5:

If you want a solid color, Micapulver is best. But if you do not want the metallic look, you have to add more drops. These drops are made to get a more transparent color. How much you need is different for each color, you have to try it out yourself.

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