Why is this product special?

It is completely different from other products available on the market. It is a solvent free, non-toxic, food safe - food grade mix of oils and waxes, a wood finish and stabilizer. The surface can be sanded up until even 4000 grit. Odie's Oil has a creamy, pale amber color and a honey-like consistency with a pleasant odor and no harmful VOCs. Odie’s is safe for everybody: kids, pets, environment. It contains natural UV inhibitors-sunscreen for your wood.


What is Odie’s oil made of?

It is a mixture of different natural oils and waxes, the exact recipe is the trade secret of the company protected by the US government. It does not contain driers, solvents or any toxic chemicals. It is made by hand in small batches to insure quality. And of course, it is made in the USA.


What surfaces is it compatible with?

You can use it on wood, stone, concrete, clay, brick, metal, plastic and leather surfaces for all interior and exterior applications.


What kind of protection do Odie’s products ensure?

It gives natural UV-protection to the material, is highly water-resistant and classified as a non-flammable material.


What are the available packages?

Odie’s oil, Dark, Wax, Wood butter and Oxi oil are available in 9 oz. (266ml) re-useable glass jars. The Super Penetrating Oil comes in a 32 oz. (946ml) bottle.


How much is the coverage?

A little Odie’s oil goes a long way! Use sparingly. "No solvents" means there is almost nothing to evaporate, so what you put on the wood, stays in the wood. Odie's Oil covers many, many times the area of other wood finishes. Up to 20 times the coverage as conventional finishes. Coverage will vary depending on wood density and porosity.


How frequently does the surface need maintenance?

The frequency of the needed maintenance depends on the interior or exterior use, the environmental circumstances, the traffic on the surface. You can hire a professional maintenance company or contact us for advice. 


Tips and Instructions for using Odie’s Oil and Odie’s Oxi Oil

  1. Apply the Odie’s Oil or Odie’s Oxi Oil finish with a brush, abrasive pad, (steel wool or other), your hands or a rag. Almost any applicator will work. When applying the oil, always rub the finish into the surface. This will push the special formulation of oils and waxes into the wood surface, thereby activating the wood fiber to draw in more finish, thus activating the oil and wax, and in so doing, creating a bond between the wood and the oil. Really rub vigorously! The more effort the better the result! Apply more oil as needed. More oil is needed when the wood absorbs all the oil from the surface. You have applied enough when a light film of oil remains on the surface.

  2. Give the oil a good 30 minutes to sink into the wood. If the surface has absorbed the oil and feels dry to touch, apply more. Repeat the process until the wood is fully saturated. If the work piece no longer absorbs oil and the oil remains at the surface of all parts of the work piece, then the piece is fully saturated with oil.

  3. Now that the piece is fully saturated, set it aside and allow the finish to “set up” for at least 40 minutes. You can wait longer, up to 24 hours. Just remember, the longer you wait the more difficult it will be to buff (the results will vary).

  4. After the 40-minute set up time, take a dry and clean lint-free cloth and completely buff the entire surface until all the oil is removed from the surface. Buff vigorously! The piece should feel dry to touch when finished.

  5. Put the piece aside and let it dry 72 hours before use.


Tips and Techniques for using Odie's Wood Butter and Odie's Wax

Both Odie's Wood Butter and Odie's Wax can be used as finishes by themselves. They both give their own unique glow and luster.


Using Odie's Wood Butter to reduce checking

Odie's Wood Butter can be used on wet wood with Odie's Oil or Odie's Oxi Oil as a wood stabilizer. When using Odie's Wood butter in conjunction with Odie's Oil, turners can actually turn a wet piece to its final shape and use the Odie's Wood Butter to reduce checking and movement in the piece.

For best results, try the following technique:

  1. Turn the piece and apply Odie's Oil to full saturation without buffing off.

  2. Apply a coat of Odie's Wood Butter as a topcoat.

  3. Set the piece aside out of the sun in a stable environment, until it reaches its EMC (equilibrium moisture content).

  4. Finally, reapply a coat of Odie's Oil or Odie's Oxi Oil or Odie's Super Penetrating Oil to reactivate the finish and buff the residual finish off to the desired sheen.

Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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